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Are you allowed to kill your own dog in Texas?

Dallas, TX |

I didn't do this but I know someone that did. Stabbed her dog multiple times, it didn't die so got a gun and shot it. Then chased down another dog and shot that one too.

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you should call the police and have the person arrested for every charge that is possible under the law.



Well this person went and cut her leg and said she will claim self defense. She sent photographs of the stabbed dogs. This person has been able to get away with A LOT; it is scary~~ I want to make sure I have all my legal facts straight before I do this, because the person could hurt me afterwards.

Keith G Langer

Keith G Langer


" She sent photographs of the stabbed dogs. " To whom, when and why? This factors into her "self - defense" story. Note also that, in a true SD scenario, she would hardly stab the dog and THEN go get a gun, instead of calling the police and/or ambulance.


What you described is animal cruelty and it is a crime. Please contact your local law enforcement agency.

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No. There are state laws prohibiting cruelty to animals (think Michael Vick going to prison for dog fighting!) Report this individual to the police.


Report it to the police

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