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Are you allowed to give someone permission to sign your name as a seller on title and bill of sale, if you aren't able.

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proxy signature, bill of sale, car title, notary

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If the person who is supposed to sign a document for notarization is not physically able to do so, he or she may designate another person to sign on his or her behalf. The designee MUST be a "disinterested party"--in other words, someone who will NOT benefit from the transaction. In addition, the designation must occur in front of two "disinterested" witnesses AND the ntotary. The notary must put specific language on the form. The parties that need this type of notarization should contact a local notary for further instruction.

If the person who is supposed to sign the document cannot be present with notary and witnesses to designate the other person to sign, he or she should provide a power-of-attorney that gives the other person power to conduct the transaction in question on his or her behalf. They should contact a local attorney for help preparing an appropriate power of attorney.

(The attorney responding is licensed only in the state of North Carolina. This response does NOT constitute legal advice and does NOT create an attorney/ client relationship! Rather, the response is in the form of legal education and is intended to provide general information about the matter in question. Although a response is provided to the specific question, there may be other facts and law relevant to the issue that the questioner has left out and which would make the reply unsuitable. Therefore, the questioner should not base any decision on the answer, but should confer with an attorney in person about the specifics of his or her case.)