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Are you allowed to change lawyers in a workman comp case if you feel he isn't totally on your side ?

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Got hurt at work. Been through physical thereay twice. Dr wanted to operater. Workman comp denied it. Wanted me to get three cordisones shots. Recieved one . Leg went numb after shot , which they denied the shot having anything to do with it. My lawyers doctor has me at 18 percent total permante disability. My lawyer mention that I pay for the operation with my insurance. I told him no because I would have to pay out of pocket. But he wants me to go to the same doctors that lied to me about the numbness in my leg and wants me to continue letting them treat me.

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You may change lawyers, but the first lawyer will retain a lien on the case sothey get paid. You also have to find a lawyer willing to take the case and unles your first lawyer is incompetent you will probably get the same advice from the second lawyer.

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You can change lawyers whenever you want, but I agree that it can be difficult to find an attorney to take a case after so much work has been done on it. If you want, you can contact me and I'll review the situation for you. It is possible that your attorney is making the best of a series of bad options. Let me know if you want a second opinion and I'll give you one.


You can change lawyers. But if your lawyer has done a lot of work on your case he may file a lien against your case for attorney's fees. So, you should try to work this out with him. If you cannot then you may be forced to change lawyers.

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