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Are wills listed as public records in the state of Florida?

Crestview, FL |

My father resided and passed away in Cambial County FL .

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Was this recently? Generally probate proceedings are public, but the will might not be listed directly.

I can't find any county in Florida that is named Cambial county. The closest I get is Columbia.

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Are you trying to locate the will on public records? If so, make sure that you get the correct county for your father's address. Google is a good resource for that. While, as mentioned, the will is supposed to be filed within 10 days of a person's passing, many times the next of kin or personal representative cannot locate the last executed original of the will, in which case a will "search" will have to be performed or a verification of a copy done in court. In any case, any AVVO wills and probate lawyer can help you with this sort of information, or a local lawyer of your choice.

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Wills must be filed within 10 days of death and must be filed to start a probate proceeding.
Once filed-they are public records.

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