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Are there Real Estate attorneys in San Diego, Ca that will work on contingency to file Slander of Title.

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I would like to know can I sue a private party lender for slander of title when two liens from 1987 were paid off in 1990, but filed in May 2013 a NOD on my home which secured the two liens. The subsequent 1st TD lenders never showed these two liens on any title reports or requested they be paid prior to funding. the property has been refi'd numerous times since 1990 and each time GMAC has never "found" these two liens as still unpaid. I feel all parties should be held accountable and be included in a lawsuit. If GMAC and their title companies had done their job/ due diligence and the private party lender had ever said I haven't been paid this could have been settled 20 plus years ago. I have spent most of my savings and won't get justice without legal assistance. More detail available.

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Slander of title requires a false, unprivileged publication which proximately causes damages. I do not see those elements present in the question. The statute of limitations is another issue. Therefore, in my opinion the employment of any experienced attorney to pursue a slander of title action on any basis, contingency or otherwise, would probably be very difficult.
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You do not have slander of title, technically what you have is a lien on your property. A cloud on any financial transaction. It is beyond me to comment how you have been refinanced so many times without anyone catching these liens. You are probably an expert by now, having exhausted all your money litigating this issue, so I will ask of you just one question> Did you ever sue the title company that insured your title? Let us know. Best of luck.

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You can use fin a lawyer feature on avvo to find attorney. Whether contingency depends on the attorney.

GMAC sued for what for lending you money and not seeing something which was not on the title report? Doubtful.

The private lender perhaps for forcing reconveyance of the paid off notes.

Consult with an attorney.

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Avvo has a terrific "find a lawyer" tool.