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Are there protective provisions for employees working for companies contracted by federal government?

Wisconsin |

I have spoken with an attorney but doesn't know all of my options to provisions. Suggested I look into provisions of protection for federal contracts. I worked with a company contracted by the government. The company was stealing data fields from government databases, sharing security access among other staff, not allocating the correct worked hours per contract code, lying to the customer, paying employees to sleep, etc. I voiced concerns then felt targeted against for not being a team player. A month later I was suspended pending investigation on conduct (i didn't know anything). Another month later, the company seperated me. I'm not sure what administrative regulations or protection there is for me. I was wrongfully terminated and I'm not sure how to go about a case.

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You'll definitely want an employment law attorney like myself to speak to. I have spotted several issues in the facts you have provided but would need to ask more questions. Feel free to contact me--my contact info is in my profile.



Agreed. But i would definitely share this with the Contracting Officer and the Inspector General.