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Are there federal assisted elder care programs available for those who can't afford it?

Phoenix, AZ |

Are there any federal assisted programs that help old people who can't afford anything at all? Where do I need to go to seek help?


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The answer will largely depend on what you are looking for help with. Medicaid is available for seniors in all 50 states and can help with nursing home stays and Medical bills. Further Medicaid can also help with home care and assisted living in many locations. There are other programs such as widow benefits through Social Security and Medicare. There are food stamp programs available to help people in the community.

In Florida for example there are programs to help seniors who need assisted living faciliites and a few home health programs (although they are not fully funded and often have a waiting list; still the list in on need not first in line). Here we have the Area Agency on Aging and Council on Aging to help arrange programs. My recommendation would be to contact an Elder Law attorney in Phoenix and ask their staff what organization is in your area that can help explain what programs are available. You might also call the local hospital discharge social workers and ask them if they know of an organization that can help you find what programs are available.

So in short the answer is yes there are programs on both the Federal and State level to help seniors. You just need to seek them out.

Good luck!

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