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Are there court costs or fees for appearing in court for a traffic infraction?

Van Nuys, CA |

The infraction was "illegal u-turn." Court is in Van Nuys, and I plan to appear to ask for a reduced fine. Is agreeing to traffic school good leverage to get a fine reduced? And if I appear in court, will I have to pay court fees?

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Yes to all ! You will get a year to pay.

Andrew Stephen Roberts

Andrew Stephen Roberts


You will just get a reduced fine.


yes there are fines. THe penalty assessments are the "taxes" the legislature continues to grow in amounts. They will give you time to pay.

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I have sat as a volunteer judge pro tem for the courts in the past, and have attended much training regarding these matters.

Most judges will not reduce your fine, once you plead guility. From what I remember, the fine for the u-turn is either $35 or $50 plus penalty assessments and other fees. On a $50 fine that can approach $200 or more.

Then they add traffic school to that, which I believe is about $60 or so, plus the traffic school fee.

This is going to cost you close to $250 to $300. If you can't pay, they may allow you to do community service, or you can charge it or ask for time to pay. They charge at least $35 for an extension, which should be about 90 to 120 days. I don't know if you get a year to pay, but as long as you are making payments, if you owe money, you can see the judge and he or she may grant additional time at no cost after you have paid the one time extension fee.

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