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Are there any ways to get a free divorce?

Middletown, OH |
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You can attempt to do it yourself but you still have to pay filing fees unless you qualify to have them waived, Go on the county courthouse website. There should be some help there for pro se litigants.

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If you meet the financial requirements, your local legal aid service may provide reduced fee legal services. But even then you may be required to pay something down. Again, you must meet the financial criteria.


I agree with counsel, however it is probably not something you want to do pro se. If it is uncontested, your best option may be to hire an attorney and file for a dissolution. It is probably the fastest and cheapest option if you and your spouse agree to all of the terms.


Many times the forms for the county are online so you can fill those out which will be no cost to you. You will, however, need to pay a filing fee unless you are able to show the court you are indigent. Good luck

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