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Are there any time limitations for correcting a support order that incorrectly ordered a mandatory add-on?

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What do judges use to distinguish Childcare costs from private school costs? If child was receiving public assistance, and a party was ordered to contact the public assistance department to assist with childcare costs, wouldnt private school be an exorbitant expense? The child has no special needs.

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Childcare is a cost that it is mandatory to divide, private school is not a mandatory cost. The answer in this case may depend on the definition of "private school." If it is a private child care center, and it is necessary for employment, then that will be called "child care." If it is a private elementary on up, then it is a separate cost and likely cost-prohibitive; therefore, if one parent insists on private school, they can pay for it. (Be aware, though, the court does not like changing children's school locations if it can be helped. )

If you are expected to pay 1/2 of private school expenses, then that should be specifically spelled out in the order and/or agreed upon between the parties. The mandatory costs are medical and childcare related to employment.

Family Code 4062 states:
(a) The court shall order the following as additional child support:
(1) Child care costs related to employment or to reasonably necessary education or training for employment skills.
(2) The reasonable uninsured health care costs for the children as provided in Section 4063.
(b) The court may order the following as additional child support:
(1) Costs related to the educational or other special needs of the children.
(2) Travel expenses for visitation. (Am Stats 1994, C466)


I've added a "Child Support" tag to your post for more attorney exposure. Best of luck to you.


I moved this to family law. You need to talk to a lawyer in your area. You need to make these arguments to the court.


This is a family law question, you should hire a family law lawyer to evaluate this issue for you. It would seem that you have a valid point if your income does not realistically allow for private school tuition. The important issue is where was the child going to school prior and if it was public school, what now justifies the added expense of private school, when the limited available funds could be going towards child support for rent, food, clothing, medical insurance/bills, etc.?

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Apologies for not tagging- am new to the site. We brought the issue up to the court, the amount ordered was based on a weekly contract of a certain number of hours per week and the fact neither party could afford it, and since the child receives Medi-Cal more affordable options should have been chosen. I never agreed to this school. The judge asked if I jade case law or statute to support my claims that the costs should have been discretionary and exceeded both of our standards of living, unnecessarily.


Yes, there are time limitations. Judges use "evidence". You should be hiring a lawyer, using the free services of the Office of the Family Law Facilitator at your courthouse, or assigning your right to child support to your county department of child support services for free representation.

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