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Are there any rules regulations or laws that say how long a drug testing lab has to notify you of results ?

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On a DOT random drug screen how long does the lab have to notify you with non negative results can they come back 6 months or even 1 month after a test with results and it's still valid ... There must be some kind of law on notifying in a timely manner ??? Nobody seems to know

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Negative drug test results are quicker to obtain because they are taken at face value and considered valid without the need for further follow-up. However, positive test results often require further follow-up to test the dual samples provided, to confirm the chain of custody to ensure the process was valid (and the samples were yours), and to evaluate for any cross-reactive medicines you disclosed which may produce a positive result. I am not familiar with specific deadlines, but you may want to go to the test facility and check directly. (A call would not work, because the info would be considered confidential.)

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