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Are there any Pro-Bono Criminal Defense Attorneys near Dallas, Texas?

Dallas, TX |

I'm looking for a lawyer who would be willing to consult with me and/or represent me in a case that has evolved.. strangely to say the least.
I am willing to additionally compensate any lawyer willing to assist me in any way I can. I am experienced in Graphic Advertising, Graphic art and Design, and audio/video editing.
I hope this doesn't sound too strange, but this case is a weight on my shoulders I wish for all the world could be lifted.
General details:
Date of original conviction/offense : 2004/Burglary of a building - Plead guilty/3 years probation
Long story short: My PO retired, I was not re assigned to a new PO, and wound up with VOP. I want to turn myself in, but wish to consult with a lawyer first...

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I would call the Texas Bar and ask them. They will direct you to pro bono work or public defender.


Most Dallas defense lawyers offer free consultations. I'm not aware of any taking pro bono cases for actual representation. However, your officer of services in kind may appeal to the right attorney. You should schedule a few consultations, see if you can find the right lawyer to work with your financial situation.

If you end up getting arrested on the warrant, ask for a court appointed lawyer at your first opportunity.

Here is some useful information from the Dallas Public Defender's office.


Most lawyers will consult with you for the first time for free. You may be able to get the answers that you need in the consultation, or find a lawyer that will work out a deal as you suggest. If you qualify, you will be able to get a court appointed attorney once you turn yourself in. Remember that it is better to turn yourself in sooner, than to get arrested.