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Are there any pro bono criminal attorneys for Kaufman, or Van Zandt counties (Texas). Or close. Is there a list?

Edgewood, TX |

Big Hurry. Need to turn myself in to jail. Is there a list any knows of?

This is MTR. 3rd violation. I think 2 year state prison coming.

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Filed under: Criminal defense
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There are probably attorneys who would help you for free but since we have a public defenders office in most counties of most states that's probabaly going to be the resource you want to use. They are free and highly competent.

Disclaimer: this site is for general educational purposes. My answering your question is based on my knowledge of the common law. Do not assume I know your state’s law or that I am correct. My participation in this forum is not intended to create an attorney client relationship.


If you don't have the funds, a court appointed attorney should be appointed to you.

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