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Are there any pro bono (or willing to work on low monthly payments)lawyers willing to fight and sue CPS

Killeen, TX |

My daughter is involved with CPS, because of an abusive ex. (their no longer together) She got to keep the kids in the beginning. The ex had friends call and make reports about her. CPS demanded her to give guardianship of the children to her ex's mom, in which she did. He was caught breaking CPS orders on 2 occaisions by being around the children unsupervised by CPS. Nothing was done, she has failed 2 drug test thats all CPS has on her. the ex was permitted to move in with the children and the 1 child got a broken leg 2 mos later. (dr stated it wasn't an accidental break) Now CPS wants to terminate both parents rights an adopt kids out to un related family. CPS had no reason to remove children from the mother, the father who was abusive to kids and mom gets more priviledges then the mom.

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Has CPS filed a lawsuit yet? If yes, the court should appoint an attorney to represent her if she asks. Have you had any hearings yet? If not, at the first hearing she can ask the court to appoint an attorney. If you are already past the show cause hearing or the adversary hearing (which are the first two hearings that are held in these kind of cases) then she can file a motion that just asks for a court appointed attorney, get the court coordinator to set it for a hearing date and send copies of the hearing with a notice of the date of the hearing to CPS and all parties or thier attorneys . Then, at the hearing she should just tell the court she cant afford an attorney and ask for one to be appointed.

alternatively, she can try to hire an attorney to just draft the motion for her (in her own name) and tell her how to get it filed and set for hearing.

In any case she DEFINATELY needs an attorney.



She has a court appointed attorney, but I feel he's not during to much good for her case. She can never get ahold of him to make an appointment to see him prior to hearings and he doesn't return any phone calls. I also would like to see about getting an attorney to file a civil lawsuit against CPS but don't know where to start.