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Are there any options for me to stay legally in the US being a G4 visa holder?

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I’m a dependent of a G4 visa holder. I am separated (not legally) . We have agreed not to divorce so I can keep the visa. He doesn’t want to continue working for the international organization. He’s looking for another job. He might be sent overseas to another post. If that is so, I would have to go with him. Since we are separated, I am not going with him but I would have to leave the country. I don’t want to leave. I have made my life here, I have a job, I pay taxes as a non resident, my daughter is here (she has been a resident for 3 and a half years). The question is: are there any options for me to stay legally?

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as a g-4 visa holder one can apply for a green card as a special immigrant without substantial difficulty. the form is I-360. you have to meet residency requirements here in the US and physical presence. in the US while maintaining G status. also see 8 CFR 101.5(d) and consult counsel.


I agree with Mr. Calehr. Here is the link to the I-360 form:

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I agree with my colleagues.

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