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Are there any Nevada lawyers familiar with ADA law?

Las Vegas, NV |

I asked a question 19 hours ago and no one has responded.

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I do not see a specific question posted.

However, ADA, the Americans With Disabilities Act, is a federal law. States can not opt out of federal laws although they may make laws which protect its own residents more than the federal law does.

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I'm trying to find out who has the responsibility of providing an interpreter for a deaf patient? The patient or the physician?


I assume your question was the one about a physician being forced to pay for an interpreter for a deaf patient (presumably instead of communicating in writing), which would probably cost more than the fee paid for the visit?

The amount in dispute is abut the same as the value of the lawyer's time to write a letter; it isn't the type of matter in which we pick up experience, or spend time learning. The only possible use for this particular skill would be answering questions for free . . .



Let me rephrase the question. Is it the responsibility of the deaf patient or the physician to provide an interpreter for the patient?

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