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Are there any jobs in the medical field that you can have when you have a juvenile record?

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I have 2 felonies as a juvenile but adjudication was withheld and I finished all probation and fees and it was dismissed. I really would like to become an R.N. but I've been looking into it a lot and it doesn't look too promising.Will my juvenile charges even though I wasn't convicted show up on that background check? Do I have a chance as an R.N? and getting a job if I can get my license? If not, are there any other jobs in the medical field that I could get?

the two charges were together and they were for credit card fraud / theft.

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I have known Doctors, nurses and many other medical technicians who have been convicted of misdemeanors and felonies as adults who still work in the medical field. You can have the local sheriff's office run a background check on you and see what will show up.

You should also check with your school. Call the schools office and talk with them. Let them know your questions and they will be able to tell you what you can expect as employment opportunities in the future.


You can seal these records depending on the charge. what are the charges? Do not panic as even if they are not sealable as a juvenile they will automatically be expunged from your record between 24-26 years of age. there is hope stay positive and list the charges

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The charges were for credit card fraud / theft. Any help?


Everyone deserves a second chance and like my colleague I have known many nurses and doctors who have had juvenile charges who have been able to overcome. I hope you will still pursue your career but you could also check with the Florida Board of Nursing. Here is the link:‎

Even if you seal or expunge, you will have to disclose usually if you apply to a hospital or other medical facility, so you will want to get some guidance if you can still pursue this career. I wish you the best of luck!

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There are some attorneys that specialize in helping people get, and keep their medical licenses. An attorney that practices in this area may be more helpful.

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