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Are there any DUI classes in MO that CA accepts?

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Our daughter got a DUI in MO, where she attends college, one week before her 21st birthday. She has a CA license. She took the required DUI class in MO, came home for the summer and is headed back to school. We now realize she should also have taken a class in CA, but it is too late as she needs to return to school soon. She has not driven since the event, nearly 7 months ago. So she can't get her license back because she did not sign up for DUI school in CA. The SR 22 is complete. This is a first offense, no injuries thank God.
What we really want to know is if there is anything additional she can do in MO that will satisfy the CA requirement so she can start to drive again or at least have a restricted license for school.
Thank you.

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It is very hard to find out of state classes that meet the CA requirements, mostly because CA DMV just doesnt' want to recognize out of state classes. She can enroll in a CA class and take a leave of absence and try to complete that way. Otherwise, you need to go to the alcohol coordinator office in the court of conviction and see if they can help you locate a MO class that will qualify, but caution, what may qualify for the court, may not qualify for the DMV.

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CA DMV won't accept the out of state classes so it won't clear up her license. I suggest calling the MO version of DMV to verify that she has fulfilled all MO requirements. If she has, call the CA DMV Mandatory Actions Unit at (916)657-6525 to inquire what she must do. Best of luck.

Jasen Nielsen


CA requires that DUI offenders take classes in CA. It is very difficult to get approval of another states program. DMV Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento might be of help.

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