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Are there any bed bug laws in Texas regarding new move in tenants?

Houston, TX |

I am a new tenant at my Apts, literally been here since the 1st it is now the 3rd the AC is broke and we now just discovered that we have bed bugs. I called the manager and she told me that there was no bed bugs in the apt. I told her that we did not have bed bugs.. although we have had them before some time ago. We literally have started over with the clothes on our backs, work clothes, kids clothes that have been washed repeatedly and dried for more than hour at the highest temperature. All I want to know is is there a law that prevents management of apt properties to rent out Apts that know that they have bed bugs. This is a nightmare all over again. I ask the manager if they had any bed bugs and she told me no, looked away and didn't make eye contact until the subject changed.

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There are lawyers that concentrate their practice on bed bugs. If you google "bed bugs lawyer" you will find a firm which can help.

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