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Are there any attorneys on this site, who have sued hsbc/beneficial mortgage for contract violations or obtained perm loan mod?

Riverside, CA |

We live in Riverside,Ca our 1st and 2nd are both with Beneficial whom is owned by HSBC..We have had 2 temporary loan mod on 1st interest reduction to 5.25% that helped reduce payment by 720.00 per month..Also recieved 2 mod on 2n 6 months then 18 months, the 2nd and 1st both done in March for the 2nd time its a long story but we have been lied to on the 2nd have some documentation to back this up.Our home is worth apprx.290,000, we owe 468,000 on the 1st and 41,00 on the 2nd..I have read that this company has a poor record and a sub-prime lender.We never saw our appraisels my husbands income has been reduced by 20% and I am presently disabled.We need legal advice pref someone who has had to work with this bank before..We also care for an adult developmentaly disabled son and a parent.Help

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A fried of mine froom law school does a a lot of this kind of work. Contact me a mkennedy (at) and I'll put you in touch with her.