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Are there "squatters rights" in NC when one party lives & pays taxes on jointly inherited home? Can she claim ownership?

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Four siblings inherit mother's half of home, and other half signed over to us by father. One sister has insisted on staying in the home for almost 10 years now. Is there any chance this person, who pays the insurance and taxes but lives there free, can claim ownership in any way, shape or form due to paying taxes and living there for this long? We have allowed her to stay there only due to her refusal to move and our too-large hearts, but are concerned that she may feel entitled to ownership and that a way for her to do this might exist.

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Now that would not be fair to the other owners. So, no they cannot get sqatters rights if they are not on the deed or the will. Take care!


Her paying the taxes and insurance does not give her any legal leverage against the other owners.

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