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Are there Entertainment Lawyers in the philadelphia area that practise Entertainment law for the music industry?

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Hello My name is Ykesha Milbourne and I'm in the process of starting my own music publishing business which is a Music Publishing limited liability Company that will be run from my home. I have my paperwork from the state and my business license. However I need an Entertainment Lawyer to help draw up contracts for the business. Someone who is well familiar with the laws and contracts of the music industry, negotiations with record, film, advertising agencies. A lawyer who is well versed in the music field and who's practise is 60% or more Entertainment Law My email address is KEJEVAHMUSICPUBLISHING@GMAIL.COM please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank You and I look forward to hearing from you soon My number is 215-237-1294

I am also looking for the name of my business to be legally registered as a trade mark so noone else can use the name

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You can do a search on to find one but the type of work that you are requesting can be done by any experienced music entertainment attorney anywhere. All you need is telephone/Skype and email.

Ivan J. Parron, Esq.


Yes. There are several well known music industry attorneys based in Philadelphia.
Good luck!

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There are many qualified and highly experienced music and entertainment lawyers in the Philadelphia area. Search as suggested and call around. But Ivan is also right. Many lawyers are accustomed to doing business nationally with modern communication. For example, I regularly handle cases in CA from NJ, and entertainment lawyers in my firm in LA work with clients on the east coast. Good luck.

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Rudolph Joseph Federici

Rudolph Joseph Federici


Ykesha, I would recommend local counsel for you. I practice law in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and while the majority of my practice is not Entertainment Law, I do practice in that area.


Many state bar association websites allow the public to search for members of that bar by legal specialty or area of practice.


Hi Ykesha, yes there are many reputable entertainment attorneys in Philadelphia (I actually went to law school in Philadelphia, so know that for a fact!). You should search Avvo or the PA State Bar's website for attorneys that specialize in this area. Best of luck with your new venture!