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Are their laws protecting consumer fraud in wireless technology?

Los Angeles, CA |

i would like to know whether or not there are laws in place and enforceable for consumers on wireless technology such as cellular phone data strength misrepresentation. I am a verizon wireless customer, with the iphone 4s and have constantly had issues with data processing on my phone, and my iphone has been exchanged 2 times by apple in hopes that would resolve the issue, but has not. For some reason, all apps that use data on my cell phone will not work or hardly function on my phone unless it has full bars. As soon as my phone looses just 1 bar of signal, data required apps freeze up, stop functioning etc. i have tested my theory many times with multiple apps, only to receive the same results and have taken screenshots of loading apps with all bars minus one. What are my legal options.

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I have heard this a few times from apple users in the LA area. The CA lemon law covers items that come with a warranty, as yours does. Section 1793.2 of the civil code covers it specifically, calling for them to replace (they have) or repurchase, if they cannot fix within 30 days' time. Sounds like they have been unable to do so. So, what are your rights? You can make them give you another phone or buy this one back. As to ATT or whomever it is you use for your service, that is an entirely different issue re: their strength of signal and they likely do NOT guarantee it or download times. At some point Apple will get tired of sending you new phones and say your warranty is up. I guess you could sue them then if you want? Oh, you can also make them pay your attorney if you go this route. Not sure this helps at all since you are back at square one.


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