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Are the documents obtained via a deposition subpoena for production of business records can not be viewed until trial?

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Copies of the subpoenaed documents were sent to deposition officer in a sealed envelop. According to Evidence code 1560, they need to remain sealed until trial. Does that mean they can not be admitted into evidence otherwise?

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Ask your attorney. Documents obtained by subpoena are not necessarily admissible at trial and must still comply with the rules of evidence. The answer as to admissibility at trial depends on the type of documents you want to have admitted. evidentiary issues need to be spotted and taken care of well in advance of trial. Here's more: BLUE LINK BELOW

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They may still not be admitted into evidence unless they meet certain admissibility guidelines.

Consult with a litigation attorney.


If your attorney intends to authenticate subpoenaed documents at trial only by a certificate of the custodian of business records then YES, the envelope needs to remain sealed until trial. There are other good reasons for the envelope to remain sealed until trial, depending on the circumstances. Your attorney can explain them to you.

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