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Are sentencing penalties for DUI's transferable between states?

Las Vegas, NV |

I've recently reconnected with someone very important to me and I want to move her to Las Vegas from NJ. The problem is that she received a DUI a few months ago and it is her second offense. The court has sentenced her to 120 hours of community service and it looks as though she must complete a 16 week education course as well ( may be supplemented with a self help course according to the NJ site ). Since she's not actually incarcerated, it would seem reasonable that she could complete the court requirements here in NV after the move. Is this possible? What steps should we take to resolve this quickly?

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She needs to be in contact with: (1) the attorney who handled her case or (2) if she had no attorney or did but consulting with the attorney is for some reason not available, she should contact the Probation Office or other agency supervising her compliance with the sentence. If either of the above do not produce an acceptable outcome, then I would recommend that she consult with an attorney in her area who is qualified in the area of DUI defense. Good luck.


She needs to comply with the conditions set in the conviction state. She should ask if she can finish the terms out of state by a comparable program. If approved by NJ, there will be no problem. Get approval now to avoid a problem later.

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While I can't speak for NJ, here in Las Vegas we have many DUIs where the defendant lives out of state or moves during the case. The courts here will let a defendant complete an equivalent program in their home state.

Community service can usually be done at any 501(c)(3) registered non-profit, as long as they are not on the banned provider list.

She needs to have her attorney call the court clerk in the New Jersey court department where her case is; a hearing may or may not be required.

Clark County, NV practitioner.


The best solution is to negotiate completing requirements on-line is you represent an out-of-state client. In felony cases, the interstate compact allows the home state to accept you for purposes of formal probation.

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