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Are personal injury lawyers and lawyers that specialize in car accidents the same thing?

Atlanta, GA |

I've seen some lawyers that do a lot of personal injury and car accident work, and some that seem to just focus on car accidents. Is it okay to hire either type?

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Generally the two likely mean the same thing if you have a car accident. My office handles car acciudents where there is an injury. Feel free to call me at 404-768-3509 with details if you have questions.


Yes. Most personal injury attorneys do lots of automobile accidents.

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Do all personal injury lawyers practice medical injuries or medical malpractice? Or only ones who specify medical malpractice.


Majority of personal injury lawyers handle car accident cases. Car accident cases are one type of personal injury case. Other examples of personal injury cases include construction defect injuries, product liability cases, workplace injury cases (other than worker's compensation cases), premises liability (including slip and fall) cases, and medical malpractice cases. There are other examples. There are some personal injury lawyers who will not handle auto accident cases. In sum, almost always a car accident lawyer will also be a personal injury lawyer. However, a personal injury lawyer may not necessarily be a car accident lawyer (although most personal injury lawyers are also car accident lawyers).

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The vast majority of personal injury lawyers handle car accident cases, because more serious injuries and death occur in car accidents than any other way.

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I agree with the other posters. Most personal injury lawyers handle car accident cases. Some personal injury lawyers may focus on one particular area, such as large truck collisions or products liability cases. Please feel free to give me a call if you would like to discuss your situation. My office is in Athens, however I formerly practiced in Atlanta, and regularly meet clients in the Atlanta area. Sincerely, Phil Boston.

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