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Are people being deported to Cuba?

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I have heard people are getting deported to Cuba is this so even though Castro is not dead?

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It is definitely true, though not in all cases. Some Cubans continue to reside in the U.S. with final orders of removal because Cuba still refuses to accept them. But it has always accepted back some deportees. There is also special legislation that permits some Cubans to adjust their status even if they arrived here illegally. Anyone from Cuba should discuss his or her situation with an experienced and effective immigration attorney.

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We have not had any cases of Cuban nationals being deported, nor have we heard of this situation. Nonetheless, many people are very wary because of the possible opening up of international relations between Cuba and the U.S. that may affect new cases as well as individuals with old orders of deportation that were never carried out.

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HI. It's scary but its true that some (in very extreme cases) are being deported back to Cuba. This is all very new to all of us...but it is happening.