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Are my health care providers responsible for submitting my medical claims to the health insurance companies?

Washington, DC |

If I have health insurance, are my health care providers legally responsible for attempting to file my medical claims with my health insurance even if I sign documents stating I’ll pay all bills after settlement?

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If you health care providers are participating providers with your health insurer (meaning they themselves have a contract with the insurer), you should insist that they submit the bills. If you have an attorney, you should ask your attorney to insist that they submit the bills. Good luck.

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To the Asker: No, the health care providers are not responsible to file claims to the insurance. Also, they do not own your legal case nor your medical record. They don't have right to submit your informaiton or claims to the insurance (where they are reviewed by the insurance employees/"analysts" or nurse agents) if you do not authorize your providers to bill them. Insurance does not own your claims nor your medical case. The providers can give record to the insurance only if you want the insurance to pay for the service an you authorize them.