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Are my consumer rights being violated? Do I need an attorney?

Las Vegas, NV |

I purchased a car from a dealership on 8/30 and signed a contract now 45 days later they are withholding the green slip unless I pay more money and they refuse to honor my original contract. They contacted me a day before the placard expired and said that they couldn't get me financed and need more money. They also told me to hold off on registering the car and they would take car of a citation if I received one. Two days later I did receive a citation and they told me to give them a copy and they would take care of it. They also said that they sent me a registered letter that they couldn't find financing for me 15 days after I signed my contract but I never received one and when I asked to see the receipt for the registered letter they said it was locked in someones office.

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Sounds like a con game to me. See an attorney. Take your contract.

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This sounds like a (unfortunately) typical fraud tactic that dealers engage in when they cannot sell/assign the sales contract to a lender. You need to consult with a consumer law attorney that handles dealer fraud in your area to get a better sense of your options, which might be a full refund and potentially extra compensation depending on the severity of the fraud. Try to find a consumer law attorney if you have difficulty finding someone nearby. Good luck.

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Sorry this is happening to you.

Call Craig Friedberg in Las Vegas right away. He's excellent in these matters. Feel free to mention my name as referring.