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Are home inspectors liable for any damages that they previously did not find on your home after you move in?

Richboro, PA |

I recently purchased a house in the suburbs of Philadelphia in Bucks County. As a normal precautionary measure, I hired a home inspector to look at the house I was interested in prior to actually purchasing. Several minor things were noted on the home inspector’s report, but nothing of any significance. After we moved into the house we had the chimney cleaned professionally. We were told by two different chimney services that the chimney is in desperate need of repair. It was stated that the masonry was not in code and that it would cost $4,000 to fix. Since we purchased the home after we were given the ‘OK’ from our inspector, are we liable for the $4000 fee to fix the chimney or is the home inspector at fault? Are there any lawyers in the Philadelphia area that can assist?

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One thing that will help you determine your legal rights is to look at the contract that you likely signed when you hired the home inspector. These contracts commonly address the extent of the inspector's responsibilities. Usually they limit the inspector's responsibility for latent problems, or issues that would only be discovered by invasive testing or inspection methods.