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Are erotic massages where both client and masseuse are nude, illegal, if no sex takes place?

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I have never been to a massage therapist. I recently saw an ad for an erotic massage. She said she is naked, and I would be naked, but that the massage wouldn't include any sex. Is paying a woman to massage you while naked a crime in most states? I think this might be fun, but I do not want inadvertent trouble with the law. Thanks for reading.

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Massage therapists have to be licensed and they are not permitted to be naked. The contact between a naked massage therapist and a naked you, is likely enough to get you arrested for patronizing a prostitute even if there is no sexual contact. (A naked massage is sexual enough).

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Maine law does prohibit "engaging a prostitute" and you will run into a problem if the massage would include any sex act or sexual contact in exchange for money. Any touching of the genitals directly or through clothing is "sexual contact" and it's illegal to pay for that.

Check out the article below for a summery of Maine's prostitution laws:

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Pretty frequently, women who offer for-fee services involving genital contact with patrons advertise themselves to the public as offering massages. That is not to say, by any stretch, that everyone offering "massage" is using the term euphemistically, but it is to say you might be headed for trouble if you engage the services of a woman who offers to provide mutually naked massages for compensation.

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