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Are employers allowed to deduct money for items from my last paycheck?

Chicago, IL |

Hello There. I recently gave my two weeks notice to my employers (10/12). They are now trying to pay me with a final paycheck MINUS the cost of the work cell phone they agreed to pay for, as well as business card printing costs and printed marketing postcards that were personalized with my information on them. I do not feel I am responsible for the cost of these items and they do not get to deduct it from my paycheck. Am I correct?

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You are correct


You are correct. The reality is whether it's worth it to you to pursue these deductions. Perhaps the DOL might be able to assist you.


Generally, the employer may not deduct from your paycheck unless you have previously agreed to the deduction in writing. You can file a claim with the Illinois Department of Labor and/or speak to an experienced employment attorney. Many of us, myself included, will provide a free consultation.

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