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Are creditors with secured claims listed as being reaffirmed included on marix of creditors

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i listed all unsecured claims on the matrix of crditors. should i have included creditors with secured claims (car loans) on this list? On my statement of intent I stated i wanted to reafirm this debt

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The matrix should include all creditors/parties from schedules D,E,F,G,H. This ensures that they receive notice of filing as required.

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Every creditor that you owe money to should be listed on your schedules of liabilities (D,E,F) and they should each be listed on the master mailing matrix as well. Make certain that the address given is of recent vintage. The law requires that the addresses be current and good in order that the creditor is afforded legal "due process" . I have seen your other posts. I strongly recommend that you meet with a bankruptcy attorney in your area for some guidance. Good Luck!


A secured Creditor must be listed on both the Schedule D " Secured Creditors", the Statement of Intention and the mailing matrix.


Stop making assumptions and read the bankruptcy code! Next time you may do something that cannot be corrected or is criminal in nature. Hope this perspective helps!



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Yes. All creditors, regardless of their type as a creditor, are entitled to receive a notice from the court about your bankruptcy. Therefore, you should not omit creditors. Your failure to get notices out the creditors can have negative consequences.