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Are constant indirect sexual remarks considered sexual harassment at the work place?

Lake Hopatcong, NJ |

At my work, many colleagues in the office are constantly making sexual remarks all day long. It can be something little, but can also escalate into completely inappropriate talk which I find very offending. It takes a lot to offend me, being a guy I've heard it all. But the talk that goes on while trying to work disgusts me and makes me feel very violated. The talk is not directly to me but it is loud throughout the office. My employer has not stopped this when I asked him to. Can something be done?

Thank you.

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You may have a valid hostile work environment claim. You state that you have already asked your employer to do something about this, but the situation has not changed. At this point, your best recourse is to talk with an attorney who will get more facts from you and advise you on the best way to resolve the matter.


Yes, the first step is to read your employment handbook and find the section relating to your company's anti-discrimination and harassment policy. This policy should also include a complaint procedure. Make sure that you carefully follow each step of the complaint procedure. It is best to document your complaint in writing. It almost all cases, the company's policy will state that anyone bringing a complaint of harassment in good faith will be protected from retaliation. Additionally, our state's anti-discrimination laws and whistleblower statute also protects persons who raise complaints of a hostile work environment. For additional information, you should consult with a NJ employment attorney.

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