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Are companies allowed to take your hours you already work when you quit to minimum wage.?

Katy, TX |

not sure if its right or now but my employee has told me today when i quit that my paycheck for work already done will go from 10 to minimum wage. Are they allowed to do this?

She did give us a copy of a policy after i was hired but never made aware of the changes. I asked for everything i sign even my contract with them and they refused to give them to me saying they cant do that... this is what it says it was put in all our files but was never given to us to read nor acknowledge.. f MaidPro it's not given two week notice, or if a two week notice is given yet not fulfilled, all remaining hours that are owed to the employee through their final day of employment with MaidPro will be paid at the current federal minimum wage of 7.25 per hour or your states minimum wage if that wage differs from the federal minimum wage.

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The company cannot withhold your wages. If you have a valid employment contract then you will be held to the terms of the contract. However, in this case it seems like you haven't agreed to amend your wages and there was no employment contract, so you are likely still owed the full amount. It sounds like there could be other circumstances surrounding your employment that need to be discussed in detail with a local employment attorney.

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