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Are all Motions to Dismiss that arise under the Code of Criminal Procedure ultimately left up to the Judges discretion?

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Is there a motion allowed for a lesser charge which may be more acceptable than a motion to dismiss if all fall to the final word of the Judge ?

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The prosecutor has a right to prosecute a person that is charged with a criminal offense. A defendant has a right to a preliminary hearing In serious charges, felony 1, 2, 3, or a felony with mandatory jail time. At a preliminary hearing the prosecutor has to show that there is some evidence to go forward to trial. If the judge is not satisfied with the prosecutor's evidence then they judge can dismiss the case. The prosecutor will decide what charges to go forward on. If the prosecutor feels that a person is overcharged, they can amend the complaint to a lesser charge. Likewise, a jury can determine that a person is not guilty of a high charge, but may be guilty of a lesser included charge. For example, a DUI charge could end up being a DWAI conviction.

Marijuana is against federal law. Federal law supersedes state law. A person could be charged and convicted for marijuana related crimes such as possession, cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, transportation, and conspiracy.


A judge does not have unfettered discretion. A judge who issues a ruling that is contrary to the law is subject to having the decision reversed for abuse of discretion.

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