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Are "hidden fees" legal for rental applications in Texas?

Corpus Christi, TX |

I rented an apartment because of a promotion. They said all fees and deposits would be covered by $250, and my first month would be free. My lease explicity states that my rent was free for the first month, and administration fees are $100. It does not state anything about how much the security deposit is. The apartment complex told me that their application fees are normally $50 and there are no other fees other than the two I mentioned. Now they're refusing to return the remaining $100 because they say it was part of the promotion and not a security deposit. Where did that extra $100 go if not to a security deposit?

Teri Walter - Since I paid $250, and they said only $100 was for administrative fees, are they allowed to tack on the extra $100 as whatever they want?

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I'm not hearing any "hidden fees," or that you actually paid a security deposit. You say they told you that "administration fees are $100" and the lease does not provide for a security deposit. Therefore, there's no security deposit to be refunded, and the $100 went to administrative fees.

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