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Apt problems and questions

Aurora, CO |

soo im renting a one bed apt, and my baby just turned 2 and now the office is saying i need a 2 bed because shes two yrs old. Do i HAVE to move ?

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The terms of your lease should address this very question. if it does not require it, you don't have to have a two bedroom. However, it might be worthwhile to have an attorney go over the contract with you and write a letter to the landlord

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Generally speaking, it's a good goal for children to have their own bed. I have seen several custody hearings where that is an important consideration. However, absent a lease or home owners association provision addressing this issue (which would be a unique term), the landlord probably does not have any authority to require you to move for this reason. If you are feeling bullied, it may be a good idea to get an attorney to look over the specifics of your situation to empower you with information.

I hope this answer helps a little. I am happy to answer follow up questions.