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Applying for US Citizenship with DWI record (PBJ for 1 day unsupervised) in 2006.

Reston, VA |

I consulted with a Immigration attorney about applying for my Citizenship with DWI record in 2006. He advised that I will still need to tell the immigration that I was arrested for DWI. If I hire him, i will need to pay him. My question is, can I still apply for US Citizenship without an attorney but still report that I was arrest for DUI so I can save some attorney's fees. Your answer will be appreciated.
Thank you!

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I do not do immigration law ,however, my opinion is that the dui will have little to no effect based on the case of

Supreme Court of the United States
Josue LEOCAL, Petitioner,
John D. ASHCROFT, Attorney General, et al.
No. 03-583.
Argued Oct. 12, 2004.
Decided Nov. 9, 2004.

you probably do not need an atty