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Applying for Naturalization but got accepted to a excellent MA program abroad

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I recently applied for my citizenship. I got my notice for biometrics but unfortunately had to reschedule the appointment. I haven't heard back for a new appointment date yet. I also need to leave the country in three weeks and I will try to do a walk in for biometrics at my USCIS office.

My actual question is I have the opportunity to study for one year at the University of Leeds in the UK and get my masters degree. Will that interfere with my naturalization application? Could I just reenter the country every 3-4 months?

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Congratulations on your acceptance to Leeds!

So long as you are able to complete biometrics, pass the interview and naturalization exam and complete the swearing in ceremony you should not have any problems. I am assuming that you meet the physical presence and other eligibility rules, of course. Hopefully you can complete everything before you leave for the one year in the UK

If you're not certain please take a look at:

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