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Applying for H1B within the US while pending B2 extension

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My I-94 expired a month ago. However, I submitted an extension of my B2 before its expiration because I had a medical observership opportunity almost at the end of my trip. Now I have a job offer from someone who's willing to sponsor me. Could I request for H1B while being here and while having a pending B2 extension?

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Yes, absolutely.

Be aware,however, that if your request for extension was filed with the USCIS California Service Center (CSC) your application will be most likely denied (some 4-5 months from receipt.)

Thus, your H-1B will hopefully be approved prior to any adverse decision by CSC which would have the immediate effect of placing you out of status & forcing you to depart the US.

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Thank you for your response. So what will happen if my H1B visa is approved? My understanding is that I cannot start working until october I right? If so, could I stay here or do I have to leave the country?

Giacomo Jacques Behar

Giacomo Jacques Behar


You will in likelihood have to visit your beautiful country for a few months and come back with a shiny new H-1B visa "stamp" in your passport. I hope my responses were helpful. Please do not forget to designate a "Helpful" and "Best Answer" to your question.


Yes, with an attorney's assistance ... it will be tricky.

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A nonimmigrant can hold multiple visa stamps in his or her passport and use those in accordance with the purpose of a particular trip. A nonimmigrant can only be in one status at the time.

A nonimmigrant cannot change status unless the status from which the change is sought is valid on the day when the change of status application is filed.

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