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Applying For A Maryland Handgun Permit?

Rockville, MD |

In State of Maryland There are only a few conditions under which MD MAY grant you a permit
1. Documented threats against your life or previous documented attacks
2. Transportation of large sums of cash with bank deposit slips as proof
3. Carrying of medicine and prescription pads (Doctors)

I have a large online business and most of the times I have to get cash ( 8k or 9k) and deposit to my suppliers. I have lots of deposit or withdraw for high amounts every month.
Will I get approved or waste of the time?

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Maryland is among the toughest state's in the country to get a permit. As a small business owner that is required to carry money, you may have a chance. Maryland is notorious for saying no to just about everyone , even those who seem to fit the statute but may be on the fence. It's probably a waste of time, but you'll only be out a bit of cash at the worst. May as well try.

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