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Applying For 1650 Waiver Packet DMV form in California for a DUI

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Applying For 1650 Waiver Packet DMV form in California for a DUI. I received a misdemeanor DUI in California. I've completed my MADD class, Public Work Service, and paid my fines. I dont have a probation officer, just cant get caught drinking and driving again. (which I wont do anymore) Only thing left to complete is my 1st conviction 9 month program. I haven't started that yet due to my loss of job and living situation. I already asked for an extension but the due date is coming soon. I've done my research and found this site.
I wish to move to another state where I have family members who can help me get on my feet again. I wanted to know if i have to go to the judge first or can i just move there and will it automatically put a hold on my classes?
What steps do i take? Can anyone help me out on this please?

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The attorney's site that you reference answers all the questions that you pose here. The 1650 packet waives your right to drive in CA. In return tour DUIP program requirement is dropped and you don't have to file an SR-22. You don't need to go before any judge. What more do you need to know?


You can apply for the 1650 waiver packet as the website tells you to. The one issue that you will run into is that as long as California places a hold on your license you will not be granted a valid license in the state that you are going to. The quickest way of taking care of this so that you will be able to get a valid license is to go in front of a judge get permission to take an out of state DUI class. Just make sure that the class you will take is approved by the California DMV. Once you complete the class you can get your license back.



I have just talked to the California DMV DUI Department. The lady informed me that California does not except out of state DUI programs. It seems if I saw the judge and he approved the out of state course, the DMV would not except it


Apply for Termination of California DMV's Suspension Action based on Out of State Residency

You have to contact Mandatory Unit and order the 1650 Waiver form from DMV at
Tel. (916) 657-6576 or Fax (916) 657-5942.

You also need to provide an SR-22 and affirm that you will not return to California for three years.
That's the only way to avoid doing the alcohol program in California.

What DMV says, absent having done a program in California, you in theory can't drive here
for three years, and you must file the forms or you'll never be able to drive in California again,
even on a valid out-of-state license.

The1650 Waiver includes a DL-300 for purposes of an out-of-state SR22.

The 1650 Waiver packet has explicit instructions on how to complete the affidavit and
what supporting documents are required for approval by the DMV.

It can take 4-8 weeks from when the forms are received for DMV to process.

You have to request the waiver and the DMV must note the file so when the

completed waiver is returned to the DMV it can be processed.

There have been problems with the waiver being processed when it
wasn't noted on the record that a waiver was sent.

You supposedly can only apply for this waiver once in a lifetime, according to DMV.



I applied for my 1650 Waiver packet. Unfortunately my proof of residency was not accepted.. I now have solid proof of residency in the form of a voters registration and residential contract. Do I need to reapply for my 1650 Waiver packet or can I send back the 1650 documents I sent out the first time with the new proof of residency?