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Application for Naturalization and Tax Filing Requirement

Sacramento, CA |

a) I did not file a tax return in 2009 because I did not have any income for that year.

b) I am planning to apply for citizenship in 2012.

c) Application for Naturalization has a question "Since becoming a lawful permanent resident, have you ever failed to file a required federal, State, or local return?"

Question: What do I have to do?
1. File for 2009 (are there any punitive fees for late filing?)
2. Disregard the filing for 2009 due to "no income reason" and check mark "yes" at the Naturalization Application and submit an explanation?

Thank you!

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If you were not required to file a tax return, provide evidence of that. Typically a letter from a CPA or other tax professional attesting to that. You may consider filing a late return, as you owed no taxes (according to your post) and no tax liability, it will make the record that much more clear. You can then get a tax filing transcript and a tax account transcript to prove up that you have filed all your tax returns and that you do not owe any taxes.


If you had no income you had no filing requirement - so you did not fail to file a "required" tax return.

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I think the above answers suffice.

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