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Application for citizenship N400

Kingman, AZ |

Im about to send out my N400 to uscis.when i went to get my money order for $680 including biometrics they gave me two seperate money orders.onefor $500 and the other for $180. Does USCIS just require one or can i send these two seperate ones out?

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Just send it. Separate money orders are as good as a single one.

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USCIS shouldn't care, as long as both money orders together total $680 and can be traceable to your N-400 application.

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My colleagues are correct - as long as both money orders are in the same package, it is fine. Optimally, both should have your name and "N-400" on the reference line.

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It does not matter as long as the total amount is correct.

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Follow the instructions and make copies of what you submit. Also, send certified mail. You should be fine.


You should be ok to send both money orders. Best of luck.

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