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Appearance date

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I checked my divorce file status today (11/08/2009). It says Case status: 'disposed' and Appearance date (11/10/2009). And I clicked the appearance date and it says that Appearance outcome: Uncont Mat Judgment Granted, Comments: 30OC2/N I don't know what is 'Appearance date' and why the appearance date is two days from today. And it says Appearance outcome: Granted. Please help me. What should I do next?

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It appears that there was a hearing/conference for a so called "unconstested divorce" which is essentially a settlement between the parties as to a set divorce outcome. An "appearance" generally refers to actually showing up in court for a conference and/or hearing before the judge and/or court personnel. And it does seem odd that there was an appearance set in the future, with a disposition before the appearance.

I suggest that you immediately contact a family/divorce attorney for guidance and to see whether the ooutcome of the "hearing" was entirely dispositive and/or can be "reopened" for any reason.

I hope this helps.

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