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Appealing a misdemeanor DUI conviction ?? Is it worth pursuing ??

Orange, CA |

Is it worth the time and money appealing a misedemeanor DUI conviction ?? It could effect future employment for me which is alot of the reason why I am appealing it now, although I don't feel the chances are very good. Thank you to all for your answers

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You can't do any more damage than has already been done by taking an appeal. Since you don't indicate what issues you might appeal I can't say whether it is worth your time and money. You should understand that most appeals are denied. However if you have a valid and material legal issue you should go ahead and hop for the best. A misdemeanor appeal should not cost that much.


My advice is consult with a few DUI attorneys that do misdemeanor appeals. (somehow I get the feeling you no longer want to use your trial attorney) Listen to what they say and if there is general agreement that you have a valid case then yes take up the appeal, if however they all say it is not worth your time or do not want to take the case on that is a good idea your appeal would just be a waste of time and money.
Robert Driessen


If nothing else, make sure you file the notice of appeal within 30 calendar days from being sentenced. You will preserve your right to appeal and buy some time to consult with appellate attorneys....Feel free to contact me for some referrals.

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