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Anyway to expedite a divorce in CA if I have not heard from him in 18 years? is there any other law that can help me obtain a

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quick divorce? Being absent from his children? Also, he was released from State prison how do I find his parole officer? 2008

Do my daughters over 18 have any legal rights to go after him for any child support or property? I still have a daughter who is 17.

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There is a function on AVVO that allows you to respond directly to attorney's answers to your original question. It is better than reposting again. I like the feature better than some other sites, because it allows feedback.

To answer your main question, there is no quick way to a divorce. You do not qualify for Summary Dissolution of marriage. If he is not deceased, you will have to go through a regular divorce like everyone else.

To find the parole officer, I suggest starting with the prison ombudsman for the prison where he was incarcerated. You may also want to see what help you can find online from the Department of Corrections.

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What is the rush after 18 years? You seem like you are trying to clean things up 15 years after you should have acted. You can obtain a Default Judgment, but the Child Support is water under the bridge at this point if you never got an Order.

I represent Employers, but I can recommend Worker Attorneys in So Cal if you ask.


It can't be quick because you have a service of process problem. It can be done but it is complicated. Your daughters over 18 have no rights for child support. If there wasn't any order for child support then there is nothing that can be enforced. You have a right to child support for the 17 year old child. You need to seek legal assistance.


I agree with Anthony Reach. The only point I want to raise is that if in fact there is an outstanding court order for child support he owes the entire arrearage plus interest and you or the children could collect the support. Also, there is much information available on the Internet and for reasonable sums you can obtain a lot of information on almost any individual.

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I agree with what has been said so far about your case in that it cannot be quick, and the issues surrounding child support. I will add that in the event that after due diligence you can't find the person in your attempt to personally serve the summons and petition, you can request from the court an order permitted service by publication or posting. The family law form (FL-980) can be found here

There are standards that have to be met that allow for service by publication that should be addressed by an attorney.