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Any way to get house arrest for a dui?

Louisville, KY |

Was at a biker ralley going to the showers and got pulled over on a rhino, after reciving a dui, is there any way to get house arrest? I have MS and right now taking a medicine that slows my immunie system, also i have my four year old monday thru friday every week? we all make mistakes but i do not want my child to be punished becuase of my mistake.

this is my 2nd one in four years?

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You probably will not go to jail for a 2nd DUI in 4 years. I said probably. It costs the state money to put people in jail and it should be done for people who are a real threat to society--as in dangerous. But, see if they take a license away, that generally is enough punishment and if the person drinks and drives a lot--it usually keeps them off the road too. My uncle is a very good defense attorney there. John Dolan. Try 502 597-0599 or, or If you have a defense, he can find it.