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Any recourse against HR false claims?

Pembroke Pines, FL |

HR filed false complaint alleging negative remarks. Now Im being asked to relocate and resign my position. The claims are false. HR has done the same thing to another employee and they chose to relocate and be reassigned in order to keep their job. Is HR able to continue to bully anyone they disagree with? I have several witnesses to prove HR has a history of lying. HR has also made remarks to myself and other employees of sexual nature such as if you were older....and you are the type I go for. As well as making negative remarks about most of our staff. Is there any recourse or does this continue?

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You might have a claim for sexual harassment or age discrimination. Generalized negative comments are lawful even if not polite. Statements regarding gender, sex, age, etc. may be actionable. You should discuss your situation with a local employment attorney.


It appears like you may have a sexual harassment claim under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the Florida Civil Rights Act. However, more information is needed to assess the validity of your claim. I advise you contact an employment attorney to better assess your sitution.

Michael N. Hanna, Esq.
Hudson & Calleja, LLC
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